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Terms and Conditions

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Wedding Cars - Cambridge Wedding Cars Hire Terms

Insurance Restrictions

Active Rental provides fully Comprehensive insurance for all drivers stated on the rental agreement, subject to our terms and conditions.

Under no circumstances can any of Active Rental's vehicles be covered under your own insurance without prior written consent to do so.

Age Restrictions

All insured drivers must be between 30 and 75 years of age.

Licence Restrictions

Drivers must:

Health Restrictions

Drivers must:

Your Responsibilities


Active Rental's liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered. Car hire may be cancelled or re-arranged if:

Use of Vehicle

The hirer may use the vehicle for the purpose of their business and for social domestic and pleasure purposes. The vehicles may not be used for any purposes for which they are not expressly designed. Further, the hirer will not use or permit the vehicles to be used for hire, driving tuition, towing, racing or pace-making, or for competing in any rally, or any other form of motor sport, track days, or for any illegal purpose whatsoever. Allowing a non-insured driver to drive our vehicle will result in the loss of your security bond. Active Rental will also view this as theft of the vehicle and will prosecute with out exception in all cases as theft.

Booking Fee

We require a Booking Fee of £100 to reserve the vehicle, which will be deducted from the cost of hire on payment. Refunds upon cancellation are subject to the cancellation terms below.

Bookings are only confirmed when paid for in full, bookings must be paid for in full at least 30 days before hire commences or at the immediate time of booking if booking is within less than 30 days hire.

Collection and Delivery

Cars can be collected from the storage facility, where we have parking should you wish to leave your car, or we will deliver in central London and airports at an additional cost. We will Endeavour to keep to a hirers requested time frame as much as possible, however due to the nature of road transport this may be subject to delay in some cases. Active Rental cannot be held liable for delivery or collection delays for reasons beyond our control.

Booking Changes

In unforeseen circumstances it may become necessary for changes to be made to the hirers booking. This may be the upgrade or downgrade of a vehicle, price adjustment or change of date in the case of dangerous weather.


On cancellation of a booking the following conditions apply:

Excess & Security Deposit

As a security bond

As payments towards any mechanical damage which is not covered by our Insurers, i.e. tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox, which was sustained during the hire period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.

As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle by a third party or the hirer. The hirer is liable for the amount shown as Excess Deposit.

Additional charges incurred during hire for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges. The Excess Security Deposit is as per the tariff. Security deposit can be held against a major credit / debit card and will be refunded immediately after the hire (subject to terms listed) so you do not incur any charges. The security bond will only ever be fully held if any damages to the vehicle result in an insurance claim, in all other instances the cost of the damage only will be deducted.

Fuel / Refuelling

You will be provided with a full tank of fuel and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank. If, however, this is not the case any reimbursement for fuel will be charged accordingly to our standard fuel charges. Empty: £130, 1/4 Full: £100, 1/2 Full: £80, 3/4 Full: £55. A £10 administration fee is included in this price.

Oil & Water

All cars will be provided with oil and water levels at the optimal levels. Hirers must not add any fluids to the vehicles without Active Rentals prior consent with the exception of fuel. Cars are only to be re-fuelled with a correct grade of petrol as recommended by the manufacturer.

If general levels of fluids (engine coolant, screen wash), engine oil, brake, power steering and clutch fluids are required during drive time the hirer must contact Active Rental immediately. Failure to comply may result in serious damage to the car for which an owner may be held financially responsible.

Overseas Travel

Please note none of our cars may be taken out of the UK with out express written permission. Ireland (Eire) is not part of the UK, our cars are also excluded from Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight unless by prior arrangement.


Driving licence and counter part section need to be provided to Active Rental before hire can commence for all named drivers, also Photo ID in the form of a Passport and a utility bill or credit card statement must also be produced as confirmation of ID, these can be sent by registered mail to our offices, they will be photo copied and returned by registered mail, photocopies are acceptable BUT the originals must be produced on the day of hire, failure to do so would cancel the hire. If upon delivery these documents have not been received or viewed by Active Rental the hire will be cancelled and our cancellation policy will apply, Active Rental will also take a photo of any hirer or driver for our records, failure to comply with this request will result in the cancellation of the hire and our cancellation policy coming into force.

Mileage Allowance

The mileage allowance is, 150/250 miles depending on agreement for 24-hour hire and up to 6 days, 300 miles for standard 2-day weekend hire, 350 miles for 3 day weekend and 200 miles per day on 7 days plus hire. Excess mileage is as per the current Tariff of 10p to £1.00 per mile (depending on the vehicle). Returning the car late will incur a cost of £50 per half hour or part thereof with out exception.

Additional Drivers

1 driver is permitted as standard and 2 additional drivers may be added to the rental agreement at the cost of £25 per day provided that the additional named drivers meet the criteria as per our terms & conditions.

Active Rental reserves the right to refuse hire without reason.

Extending Hire

If one wishes to extend their hire midst their rental period, he or she are required to pay for the extension and sign a new booking confirmation before the end of the original rental agreement and extension of hire takes place. Under no circumstances will Active Rental allow the hirer to take the extension of hire without payment.

Speeding Tickets / Parking Fines

The driver / hirer of the vehicle hereby agrees that he or she shall be liable for all speeding fines and or parking tickets or any other costs or penalties that may be incurred whilst the car is in the position of the hirer or in relation to the manner in which the hirer / driver has driven the car during the hire period.

Late Return Charges

Cars returned late of agreed return time will be charged a late returns charge of £50 every successive 30 minutes.

Congestion Charges

Congestion charging in London and various other cities has become common practice. The hirer is responsible for paying these charges; failing to do so gives Active Rental the right to debit the hirers credit card for any congestion charges incurred.

Smoking in Vehicles

Smoking in our cars is extremely forbidden and any indication will result in the full loss of your Security Bond

Damage Wear & Tear

All damage to our cars whilst in the custody of the hirer how ever they arise will be the responsibility of the hirer and Active Rental will charge for the cost of the repairs against the Security Bond held against the hire up to the value of the security bond, if requested Active Rental will provide a quotation for the works from a repair specialist. Any excess wear to the cars tyres will be charged at a pro rata rate for the cost of replacing the tyres, Active Rental will provide details of these Charges should they apply, these charges also extend to unreasonable wear and tear on any other part of the car. Vehicles are only fully inspected once returned to our premises, this is due to dirty vehicles / bad light which hamper a full inspection at the clients address, any damage discovered once we have cleaned the vehicle will then be charged, Active Rental are not limited to noting the damage at the time of pick up of the vehicle for the reasons set out in this clause.

Active Rental have the right to hold the hirers security bond until any repairs or insurance claims have been settled. In cases of extensive damage the hirer will lose the full security bond.

All cars will be rigorously checked prior to and following each drive period and readings taken in relation to tyre tread depth and condition (inc spare), wheel condition, bodywork and paintwork condition, interior and trim condition, fluid levels, clutch wear percentage (by electronic system), glass condition, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. If any hirer is deemed to have caused unacceptable wear and or damage to the car through negligence or deliberate action, additional charges will be made.

If damage to tyres occurs the hirer must not drive the car and must contact Active Rental office to arrange for a replacement to be fitted. In the case of punctures, the cause will be assessed and if the puncture is found be caused as a result of owner negligence then the owner will be charged accordingly. Tyres that are found to have been worn or damaged as a result of misuse will be charged for.

If any car is damaged in any way while in the possession of a hirer, then the hirer must report the damage to the office immediately. If damage is such that the car may not be moved, the hirer must not abandon the car but will firstly ensure their own safety and that of any passengers and if possible secure the car then stay with it until assistance arrives.

Damage however caused will be charged for: Wheels/tyres £125 each, Smoking in vehicle £500, Burns caused by smoking to interior £1000 plus repair costs. You will be responsible for the cost of loss of hire of that vehicle due to damage to a maximum of 3 weeks hire charge.

A garage appointed by Active Rental will carry out all repairs; this will be our local workshop as used for all repairs. The rate for works is £150 p/h. If they are unable to complete the repairs the vehicle will be taken to an official dealership connected to that make of car.

All cars have the option to turn off the ABS/traction control, should these be activated by the hirer, and an accident occurs due to the hirers’ actions the hirer will be fined £10,000, in addition to the insurance excess if another vehicle is involved. If no other vehicle is involved the hirer will be liable to this fine in addition to the repair and hire costs highlighted in section 4 above.

You will also be responsible for the cost of loss of hire of that vehicle to a maximum of 3 weeks hire charge.

All vehicles when returned will be check over by a member if staff when possible, however they will have a full check over in the next 48hours and if any faults are found at this stage the hirer will be responsible for the costs and these will be taken from the deposit held. Details of the damage will be send in a letter with photography evidence where possible.

Accident / Mechanical Difficulties / Theft

In the case of the breakdown or mechanical problems you must contact Active Rental immediately. No repairs or replacement vehicle are allowed without permission from Active Rental.

If you are involved in an accident or the vehicle is stolen you MUST contact the local police and Active Rental immediately. Please keep a copy of all relevant documents you are asked to complete. DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY IN ANY FORM.

Vehicle Break Down

In the event that a vehicle breaks down or is damaged and not drivable, Active Rental will if possible provide a replacement vehicle. If a suitable replacement is not available at the time of break down then the hire will be terminated and Active Rental will recover the vehicle. An alternative date for the hire will be offered or a credit for the remaining days will be issued.


For security reasons all cars are fitted with tracking devices. Active Rental reserve the right to periodically check on the location of any car. In addition the tracking devices will notify us automatically should any car be taken to a location where racing, pace making, or other prohibited used may occur and an automatic engine immobiliser will be activated. Should this occur the hirer will be subject to a fine of £5000. In addition systems exist within all Active Rental cars that will record parameters relating to driver safety. These systems will report extreme exceptions to the manufacturers stated acceptable use of cars and may be utilised to prohibit continuous inappropriate activity.

UK and European Use

Cars are only permitted to be used for social, domestic or pleasure use only. The cars are not to be taken outside of the UK without our prior consent as the insurance will not be valid in Europe. In addition the tracking devices will notify us automatically should any car be taken outside the UK and an automatic engine immobiliser will be activated. Should this occur the hirer will be subject to a fine of £5000. Should the hirer wish to use the car in Europe he must seek written authorisation from Active Rental and we will supply the correct insurance.

Fuel and refueling

Fuel will be charged at RRP plus 50p per Litre

A £25 administration fee will be applied to all refuels

Additional drivers

At the cost of £25 per day

Collection and delivery and Vehicle returns

If Active Rentals has agreed for the vehicle to be returned outside of office hours, the hirer will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until it is re-inspected by a member of our staff.

If Active Renrtals has agreed the vehicle may be returned to another location, it is the hirer's responsibility to inform Active Rentals that the vehicle is ready for collection and to park the car safely and legally until the vehicle is collected.

The hirer will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until it is re-inspected by a member of our staff.

Parking, Traffic and other speeding offences / fines

Where possible, all fines and penalty notices will be represented to the hirer. An admin fee of £25 will apply.

All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offences (including any costs which arise if the vehicle is clamped or towed) are the responsibility of the hirer.

If these fines are not paid, a £35 administration charge per offence will apply.

If the hire vehicle is impounded, the hirer will be liable at the advertised daily tariff rate until vehicle is released.

Uk and European use

Cars may not be taken out of England, Scotland or Wales without written authorization or prior approval from us.

Vehicles taken abroad will be subject to a rate surcharge and additional insurance cover of £25 + vat per day.


Conditions and Limitations on Use

The Hirer agrees to ensure that vehicle use is within these conditions and limitations. If the Hirer commits any serious breach of this agreement, the Owner may treat the agreement as terminated and may without legal process recover the vehicle at any time and place.

The Hirer agrees to protect the interests of the Insurer and the Owner by ensuring the vehicle is always locked when unattended and the keys are secure.

Do not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle or allow the vehicle to be overloaded.

Do not operate vehicle or permit the vehicle to be operated in any way that would violate this contract, including:

for carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward;

in motor sport events (including racing, pacemaking, rallying, reliability trials, and speed testing);

to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;

by any person driving when unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by road traffic legislation;

in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation;

by any person driving under authority of any licence other than his own;

other than on a paved public highway, private road or driveway;

in a reckless or imprudent manner

The Hirer may not travel in war or disaster zones.

In the interests of security and safety, all motorhomes are fitted with a tracker. A motorhome is unstable over 75 mph. The Hirer will be charged £75 if this limit is exceeded.

Travel Outside the UK and Eire

Do not, unless agreed prior to the hire with the Owner, remove the vehicle out of the UK mainland.

Do not remove the vehicle (without prior written consent of the Owner) from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland.

The Hirer may travel in any European countries with the exception of Turkey. Travel in countries outside Europe is only possible after prior agreement with the Owner. Written confirmation from the Owner and an additional insurance premium are required before beginning the journey.

If you are travelling to Europe please ensure that the hire vehicle has the correct level of breakdown cover to cover EU breakdown and ensure that the insurance cover provided includes travel within the EU.

To comply with EU traffic regulations, whilst travelling in Europe, you must carry the following items:

These items are not provided within the Vehicle Hire Charge and are available as a Hire Extra EU travel kit, or often from the outbound port/ferry terminal.

From the 1st July 2012 drivers are required by Law to carry two breathalyser tests in the motorhome when travelling in France. Fines will be imposed if kits are not carried within vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: It is the Hirers responsibility to obtain these and government approved test kits will be made available at ferry & tunnel terminals for crossings to France.

Proper Care of the Vehicle

The Hirer is responsible for the care and security of the vehicle for the duration of the Rental Period and agrees to return the Vehicle to the Owner in same condition received, ordinary wear and tear excepted, on the date specified. The Hirer will be liable for additional costs and charges if due care has not been taken. This includes:

A charge of up to £150 if there is evidence that smoking has occurred in the vehicle.

A charge of up to £150 for cleaning if the vehicle is not returned in an acceptable state of cleanliness for whatever reason.

The full cost of making good any damage to the vehicle caused deliberately or by improper use.

The full cost of making good any damage to any equipment.

The full cost of making good any uninsurable damages as contained in the Post Hire Charges Schedule, including but not limited to damage to tyres, wheels, windscreen, windows and wing-mirrors and any internal damages (including cigarette burns) or breakages.

Insurance Conditions and Surcharges

The quoted hire price includes the minimum cost of Fully Comprehensive insurance. Full and accurate background information must be disclosed for each named Driver on the insurance questionnaire. The information will be reviewed for insurance risk and surcharges may be applied.

If you are aware of any circumstances which will make the cost of insurance prohibitive you should disclose and discuss this before you confirm your booking.

The vehicle is insured for the Rental Period ONLY. Late return of the vehicle will invalidate your insurance and will be an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

The insurance excess payable under the policy is £1250, Hirers must either purchase Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) OR pay a £1250 refundable security deposit.

deposit: Based on the information disclosed in the insurance questionnaire, we may require an deposit of £1250 GBP, to be paid prior to the commencement of the hire. The deposit is applicable to, but not limited to: foreign licence holders, non UK residents, higher risk category drivers, non UK mainland travel, inexperienced drivers, drivers under 21 or over 70, all male parties, high risk destinations and any drivers with accidents disclosed in the past 3 years. If an deposit charge applies, it will be notified to you prior to the hire commencement and will be charged automatically to the authorised credit card.

The deposit will be held and refunded after 28 days from the date of the return of the vehicle but may be longer in the event of an incident arising. The deposit will be refunded net of any non-insured costs, credit card handling fees (if refunded to a Credit or Amex card), a refund processing admin fee of £12 and VAT.

Unless full payment is received for insurance surcharges and insurance bonds, we are unable to provide insurance cover. MotorHolme Hire Limited reserves the right to cancel a hire if the insurance surcharge(s) and deposit are not paid in full prior to the commencement of hire. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.

Insurance surcharges will be based on the circumstances and status of the Hirer and each Driver immediately prior to the commencement of the hire. Relevant factors include:

Drivers aged under 25 and over 70.

Drivers with less than 2 years driving experience.

Drivers with non UK driving licences.

Each current driving endorsement.

Each accident recorded in the past 3 years.

Existing medical conditions.

Drivers' occupations (applies to those are engaged in professional gambling, sport or entertainment, hawking or general dealing, street or marketing trading).

If our insurer applies a surcharge on the Drivers residential postal address then the Hirer will be advised as soon as practicable.

The surcharge rate is between £1 - £50 per day (per surcharge) and varies depending on the type of risk. The rate depends on the number of qualifying risk disclosures.

The daily insurance surcharge is the sum of each applicable insurance surcharge.

The total insurance surcharge is the daily insurance surcharge multiplied by the number of nights of the Rental Period.

Insurance surcharges are subject to Insurance Premium Tax and a £9 administration fee (Including VAT). The total insurance surcharge will be charged to the authorised credit card.

Although the vehicle is comprehensively insured, this does not cover personal items/losses. We strongly advise you to take out personal travel insurance cover prior to your hire.

Collision Damage Waiver.

Collision Damage Waiver is an optional Hire Extra & subject to the following conditions:

CDW reduces the liability of the hire insurance excess

CDW is invalid if the hirer is in breach the Hire Rental Agreement. CDW may not be cancelled or transferred.

CDW does not reduce the liability for costs arising from: Break-in or theft of the vehicle, Post Hire Charges, Associated Damage Costs, VAT, insurance surcharges, credit card surcharges or acts of negligence.

Post Hire Charges Schedule

On completion of your hire, the vehicle will be inspected and the following post hire charges and fees may apply:

All post hire charges are deducted either from the security bond or charged to the card details held on the Credit Cardholder Authorisation Form.

Vehicle Inventory, Fuel & Meter charges:

(At the commencement of the hire, the meter readings and fuel levels will be notified and advised on the Pre Hire Condition Form)

1) Collection & Return time. The collection return time is shown on your Hire Rental Agreement. Please collect before the collection time and return before return time shown. Late returns are charged a minimum fee of £100 for any vehicle returned 30 minutes after the notified return time. An earlier collection time may be possible subject to availability.

2) Diesel fuel levels: The diesel fuel level is recorded at the start of the hire. Upon return, the diesel fuel level is measured. Any Diesel shortfall is charged at RRP plus 50p per Litre.

3) Waste water tank. The waste tank will be empty upon collection. The waste water tank should be returned empty and disposed of responsibly.. If the waste water tank is not returned empty a £75 charge applies. NOTE: If the waste water tank is emptied at the depot the £75 charge applies.

4) Toilet Cassette. The toilet cassette will be empty on collection. The cassette should be returned empty and disposed of responsibly. If the toilet cassette is not returned empty a £75 charge applies. NOTE: The toilet cassette cannot be emptied at the depot.

5) Excess mileage: Unless previously agreed and paid for, the vehicle hire charge includes 150/250 miles per day of inclusive mileage, for each day or part thereof of the hire period.

Excess mileage (opening mileage - inclusive mileage - closing mileage) is charged at 10p - £1.00 per mile (depending on vehicle) per additional mile.

6) Propane Gas: The Propane gas bottle is weighed upon hire commencement and is charged on a full use basis. There are no refunds nor credit for part use.

The Propane gas charge will apply unless no quantity of Propane gas is used during the hire period. Propane gas is charged at £5.00 per kilo from the opening gas measurement to the empty gas bottle weight.

7) Speeding. The vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking alert that will notify any speeds reached in excess of 75 mph.

The vehicle is not designed to exceed 70mph. For passenger & vehicle safety, the alerts incur a fine of £75 each.

8) Valet cleaning fee. If the vehicle is returned in a poor overall state of cleanliness a valet cleaning charge of £150 applies.

9) Tyre compressor kit: The vehicle is supplied with a tyre compressor kit. If the kit is not found on return a £199 replacement fee applies.

10) Kitchen Inventory Items: Kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots & pans are itemised on return. For each missing item, a £3.00 replacement fee applies.

11) Tyre damage. Any damage found to tyres will incur a replacement tyre charge fee of £250 per tyre.

12) Wheel damage. Any damage found to wheels will incur a replacement wheel charge fee of £250 per wheel.

Non Insurable Damages - exterior bodywork & interior

(At commencement of the hire, pre-existing exterior and interior damages will be advised on the Pre Hire Condition Form)

The following list of damages are deemed non insurable and are not included in the optional IEC cover.

If new damages are found during the post hire inspection, the charge(s) will be deducted from the security bond paid or charged to the credit card details supplied on the Credit Cardholder Authorisation Form.

(Examples of non insurable damages can be found in the pictures section below).

Exterior bodywork damages

1) Wheel arches & Rear Bumper. Damage found to wheel arches or rear bumper, incurs a charge of £495 for each item.

2) Wing mirror (glass). Wing mirror glass is cracked or broken, incurs a replacement mirror glass fee of £195

3) Wing mirror (housing). Damage to the wing mirror housing, incurs a replacement fee of £445

4) Exterior running light. Exterior running light that are missing or damaged, incurs a replacement fee of £45 per running light

4) Habitation windows damage. Cracked or damaged habitation windows, incurs a replacement fee of £495 per habitation window.

5) Habitation window (scratches). Scratched or scarred Habitation window, incurs a repair fee of £45 per window

6) Habitation body marks (dints, scuffs & light scratches). Marks to the habitation body, incur repair fee of £45 per dint, scuff or scratch.

7) Windscreen damage. If the windscreen is found scratched or chipped, the replacement windscreen fee is £495.

8) Skylight damage. Skylight window damage incurs a replacement fee of £445 per skylight window.

9) Rear light clusters. Damage to rear light cluster are subject to a replacment charge of £199.

Interior (habitation) damages

1) Table damage. Damage to the table top, leg or hinge are subject to a replacement table charge of £245.

2) Interior lights. Broken or damaged interior lights are subject to a £95 replacement charge per light.

3) Interior scrapes and scuffs. Flooring, doors and interior walls found with scuffs or scratches are subject to a £45 repair charge for each.

Other charges arising

1) VAT: All post hire charges (including credit card surcharges) are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate of 20%

2) Credit card surcharges: All payments made using a credit card incur a credit card surcharge fee of 2.5%

3) Admin fees. A one off £7.50 admin fee applies if any charges arise from the post hire inspection.

4) Smoking: If smoking is suspected upon return of the vehicle, a valet fee of £150 applies.

5) Fresh water tank contamination. In the event of diesel fuel contamination of the fresh water tank, a £1250 fixed penalty fee applies.

6) Non listed damages. Damage found that is not on either the Exterior damages or Interior damages list, will be charged the cost of replacement parts & labour @ £75 per hour.

All vehicles when returned will be check over by a member if staff when possible, however they will have a full check over in the next 48hours and if any faults are found at this stage the hirer will be responsible for the costs and these will be taken from the deposit held. Details of the damage will be send in a letter with photography evidence where possible.

Festivals Hires

All festival Hires Will Attract a 20% loading on price, failure to tell us will result in ALL your deposit and excess being lost

Picture section. Below are photographic examples of the non insurable damages and excluded from IEC cover.