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The history of Bentley wedding cars

Since 1919 in London when the first Bentley car was made, the brand has grown to be one of the most recognisable and iconic cars, where all around the world it turns heads due to Bentley’s self proclaimed “pursuit of both luxury and performance.” Making them an ideal wedding car for any bride to be. In the 1920’s alone Bentley UK took victory 5 times at Le Mans, showing from the start it was as much about performance as it was about style. These 5 victories at Le Mans really put Bentley on the Map as they gained global recognition for the first time, showcasing their beautiful machines for the whole world to see in its full glory.

The Bentley Mk6 Wedding Car a popular choice with the bride and grooms when it comes to classics
The Bentley Mk6 Wedding Car a popular choice with the bride and grooms when it comes to classics

In 1931 Bentley was purchased by Rolls-Royce, yet Bentley had made such a triumphant impact to the British motor industry, in 1971 Rolls-Royce was forced into receivership by the British government, afterwards the government nationalised the company making Bentley forever British at root, which it still holds proud to this day. Even though since November 2015 China has been their largest market.

Most Bentley’s manufactured are made in Crewe, sticking to its roots in England although some manufacturing takes place in Germany as they are a subsidiary of Volkswagen as of 1998. From 1919 to present day Bentley has always been a cornerstone in British motor and manufacturing. A true staple of a British luxury car, that Bentley will forever pride itself on.

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